Retiring in Greenport, NY

If you are starting to think about where you will live when you retire, chances are you’ve come across lists of top retirement destinations that include small to mid-sized towns across the United States. Many of these guides and lists are created based on the cost of living and home prices—but there is so much more to consider when choosing a place that will contribute to a fulfilling, happy and healthy life.

There are many misconceptions around what it’s like to live on, or retire to, Long Island. Most people think Long Island is out of reach for them, but the truth is that Greenport, New York – on the East End of the North Fork – is a great place to spend your retirement years.

A bit about The Village of Greenport

In 1640, Barnabus Horton led a small band of adventurers who crossed the Atlantic from England to Southold, the township that now includes the Village of Greenport. Once a strong fishing and whaling community, the village is quite the destination for summer tourists who come for the beaches, golf courses, wineries and quaint downtown. But, it can also be an amazing place to retire.

In 2019, the average age of a Greenport resident was 52 years. The city covers one square mile and has just over 2,000 residents and is consistently ranked as one of the safest towns on Long Island. The downtown area has dozens of boutique shops, and restaurants that use locally sourced ingredients.

Click through the sections below to discover why Greenport, New York – on the North Fork of Long Island – could be the ideal place to call home.

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