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Successful living at Peconic Landing

At Peconic Landing, we believe in the importance of pursuing your interests and passions to the fullest for continued growth at any age, so we are always looking for new experiences and opportunities for our members to explore. In 2018, we became a Certified Center for Successful Aging through Masterpiece, an organization of wellness experts working to change the perceptions and experiences of aging. Following their research from the MacArthur Foundation, Peconic Landing focuses our offerings on the four dimensions of wellness: social, intellectual, physical, and spiritual.

Whether it’s enjoying dinner with neighbors in our fine dining room, challenging their minds in a foreign language course, meeting with our personal trainers, or watching the sunset from our waterside gazebo, our members live a full and rewarding lifestyle that is full of choice and opportunity.

We invite you to take advantage of some of the many events and happenings open to the public at Peconic Landing, and expand your everyday life to welcome new interests and passions.

Clubs & Committees

Our rich and diverse culture continues to transform thanks to the members of our community. With over 30 different clubs and committees, our members come together to enjoy and explore new pastimes. Committees at Peconic Landing work side by side with leadership to help guide our lifestyle options. Committees for Culinary, Lifetime Learning, Finance and more are made up of members holding knowledge and experience in these areas, helping lend their expertise to the ever-changing environment at our community. We welcome their knowledge and appreciate the evolution of our community.

Clubs are a great opportunity for meeting new neighbors and trying your hand at cards, gardening and so much more. You can also engage in great conversation with social clubs of various varieties.

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