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Tips to reduce stress when moving to a retirement community

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A worry-free guide to moving to a retirement community

When moving to a retirement community, you’re bringing your whole life to your new home. One thing you don’t want to bring with you is the baggage of relocation stress, and you don’t have to. By thinking ahead and doing some homework, you can enjoy a stress-free transition into this next chapter of your life in a Continuing Care Retirement Community. At Peconic Landing, we wanted to provide you some ideas on how to take the worry out of your impending move.

1. Declutter your old home before moving to your new one.

A good way to lessen the burden of an impending move is to move less stuff. Consider holding a garage sale to unload items you don’t need. That can put some extra cash in your pocket while clearing out your attic, garage, home, etc. Donate items to local charities and think about consulting with a downsizing company that helps seniors on the cusp of moving to a new home.

2. Be strategic when you pack.

Do some homework on the best strategies to use when packing up your belongings. The moving experts at U-Haul, for example, suggest packing up one room at a time to help keep you organized, and they also say putting heavier things in smaller boxes makes those weightier items less cumbersome while on the move. Moving truck rental company Penske also has a handy online list of ideas for a smoother move.

3. Put important items in a secure place.

If there are key documents, sentimental items, medications, or other things you can’t afford to do without, place them all in one box that you can take with you and keep tabs on during the day of your move.

4. Consider hiring a moving company.

Ask friends and family members for recommendations for moving companies that treated them well. That way, you’ll know all your belongings are in good hands while they’re on the way to your new home. You can also use the Better Business Bureau website to do some research into moving companies you’re interested in using. You can use that BBB website to check if customers have made complaints about a company.

5. Explore your new area.

Another way to lower your stress about your impending move is to take a tour of the area around your new retirement community. Look for the places where you’ll shop, drop off your mail, and get your groceries. Don’t forget to check out the local attractions. Here at Peconic Landing, we’re near Long Island wineries, beaches, marinas, and more. Getting familiar with your new home before the moving truck is on its way will help put your mind at ease.

6. Map out easy access to healthcare.

Give yourself peace of mind by making sure the doctors and specialists you’ll rely on are within an easy drive of your retirement community. Find a local pharmacy nearby that will fill all your medication needs.

7. Leave your lawn mower behind.

One of things that should lower your stress about moving to a retirement community is taking a moment to think about the chores you won’t have to do anymore. Members of the Peconic Landing Continuing Care Retirement Community don’t have to take care of the landscaping here, because we do that. We also offer weekly housekeeping services, so you can spend more time relaxing and less time dealing with household chores.

8. Change your address.

Let the U.S. Postal Service know well in advance that you’re moving to a new address, so there’s disruption in your mail service. Also inform the Social Security Administration and Medicare that you’re moving, so you don’t miss important communications from those programs.

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