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Discovering Peconic Landing: A Member’s Story (by Carolyn Makinson)

My husband, Terry, and I embarked on a journey 18 months ago, moving from Westchester, New York to the hidden gem that is Peconic Landing on the East End of Long Island. We thought we would like it, and we thought it was a sensible thing to do, but we like it even more than we anticipated and are confident that we made the right choice.

The Search for the Perfect Community

Our quest for the ideal community began a decade ago when both Terry and I retired. Knowing the importance of planning for our future, especially considering I don’t drive, we focused our search solely on life plan communities, also known as Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs). My worst nightmare was that one of us would end up needing a higher level of care and, if it happened to be Terry, I would have found it extremely difficult to visit him. The assurance of never having to move or be separated, coupled with predictable monthly costs, made CCRCs the obvious choice for us.

We meticulously researched all CCRCs in New York State, visiting seven that were within a three-hour radius of New York City. Each community had its merits, but none captured our hearts like Peconic Landing.

As we did our research, we discovered various communities, each with its unique appeal and drawbacks. Some failed to impress with their atmosphere, while others lacked the financial strength and credibility we sought. Among the contenders, several stood out as formidable competitors. However, as we weighed our options, Peconic Landing emerged as the clear winner, boasting several distinct advantages.

Why We Chose Peconic Landing

  • The initial costs and monthly fees here were significantly more manageable than at CCRCs closer to the city, allowing us to invest in our future without breaking the bank.
  • The campus here offered unparalleled natural beauty: 140 acres with a private beach, lots of walking trails, and green spaces that surpassed those of other communities.
  • The charming village of Greenport really appealed to us, far surpassing the offerings near other CCRCs. The closeness and attractiveness of Greenport were really important to me, and coupled with the large campus, I am assured of plenty of places to walk. The flexible transportation services cater to our needs, ensuring easy access to services and nearby activities. We also appreciate the availability of indoor parking.
  • Unlike other communities that felt corporate and impersonal, Peconic Landing exuded a warmth and friendliness that instantly put us at ease. The flexibility and personalized approach of the team reinforced our decision to make this community our home.
  • The physical property here was way ahead of anything else we looked at. From spacious cottages to cozy apartments, there are a variety of living options with attractive floor plans, lots of natural light, and opportunities to customize our space. The thoughtful design and attention to detail set their accommodations apart from other communities we toured. Plus, the shared spaces impressed us in terms of scale, variety, and maintenance.
  • The space available to Peconic Landing was also evident when we toured the health center, including assisted living. We may need these facilities one day, and we were impressed by the spacious living units and the amount of natural light.
  • We felt that Peconic Landing had the best range of amenities, including a well-equipped gym with ample staff, an auditorium and screening room for entertainment, flexible dining options, and a diverse selection of courses and activities. There is also an on-site health center run by Stony Brook Medicine and a home care agency, providing us with many care options right on our doorstep.

Final Thoughts

Our journey to Peconic Landing has been nothing short of transformative. From the moment we set foot on this campus, we knew we had found our forever home. As we settle into this vibrant community, we look forward to creating lasting memories and forging meaningful connections with our fellow members. While our decision to choose Peconic Landing may have been influenced by personal preferences, the undeniable advantages it offers make it a standout choice among life plan communities in New York. As we continue to thrive here, we invite others to join us on this journey towards a fulfilling and enriching future.

To learn more about Peconic Landing or to schedule a tour, call 631-663-8779 or complete the form below.

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