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Living Better with Successful Aging at Peconic Landing

LeadingAge NY-  Aging is inevitable, but society’s views on aging aren’t always positive. It’s a common belief that as people age, they lose their abilities or become unable to do the things they love. Peconic Landing is here to bust that myth. Yes, aging comes with its adversities, but there are plenty of wonderful things that can come with age when you change your mindset. Here at Peconic Landing, there is a plethora of innovative programs that we have in place, but what sets us apart is the mindset that we take. Our main initiative as a Continuing Care Retirement Community is to be a Center for Successful Aging. As a CSA we uplift our members and give them the tools they need to continually grow and achieve new goals. We believe that age is just a number, not a definition of what you can accomplish. Partnering with Masterpiece Living, an organization dedicated to successful living research, helps us promote healthy lifestyle choices to our members and the greater community.  

As we age, why slow down when we can continue our growth? What is keeping us from doing what we love and more? Is it that we can’t do the things we were once able to when we were young? Or is it just what society is making us believe? Thirty percent of how we age is hereditary, but seventy percent is up to us. It’s about making positive lifestyle choices. As a CSA we empower our members to maximize their potential by applying the latest research on living better. 

Our partner, Masterpiece Living is a direct descendent of the MacArthur Foundation, which helps with tools and ongoing research to better understand the successful living process. With their help, we reinforce this process with four major pillars: physical, spiritual, intellectual and social. Making each piece a priority helps our members create a better lifestyle which in turn improves their quality of life. 

Every day, Peconic Landing members excel in forging their path toward better living. One example is PL member Peter Zwerlein, who started the Peconic Landing Ukulele Club. He created this group with no knowledge of the instrument, only a love for music and an open-minded approach to learning. Using online resources, he taught himself how to play and then went on to pitch his idea for a ukulele club to Peconic Landing’s directors. Peter’s passion turned a small idea into a rewarding hobby for himself and others, one which encompasses three pillars of successful living: intellectual, spiritual and social. Today, the club meets twice weekly and travels around the greater community performing for local audiences.

Jean Mellano is another PL member who continues her growth in the face of hardship. As an avid athlete, Jean’s recent diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease could have meant quitting what she loves most. Instead, Jean has turned her diagnosis into an opportunity to push herself even further. She continues to be a devoted kickboxer, and also writes about her struggles and achievements in various local media outlets. By incorporating both intellectual and physical practices in her life, Jean is a true example of empowerment.

At Peconic Landing, we offer programs in all four pillars of Masterpiece Living so our members have endless options to grow every day. By being proactive and exploring new opportunities, we can all live a more rewarding life.

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