Peconic Landing members share their video testimonials

Hear what Peconic Landing members are saying about life on the North Fork of Long Island…

the garretsons standing together
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Meet The Garretsons

They love their new lifestyle

“After our mothers moved in, it was our observation that Peconic Landing was such a constructive and positive place to be that it got us thinking about our own plans. With only one child, we didn’t want to put him in the position of responsibility we had which was really to make decisions for our parents because they had postponed for so long.”

Meet Emily

She was looking for peace of mind

“The family is spread out all over the country. So I wanted to find a place that had the continuing care. That was very, very important. If the time comes, I know I am going to have good care and a loving environment. The people that I’ve met here and the activities in which I’m involved are phenomenal. There’s just no way I could have stayed home and had this much fun and learned this much.”

emily sitting
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the kellers sitting together
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Meet The Kesslers

They were planning for their futures

“You really have to look down the road and see how your life is going to unfold and be very realistic about it. A continuum of care program [like Peconic Landing’s] is probably the most sensible decision you could come to.”

Meet Marjorie

She was ready for her future

“Peconic Landing is a beautiful location. You meet new friends. It’s a new lifestyle. Treat it like an adventure. Take the chance and make a change.”

marjorie sitting at desk
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lisa sitting
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Meet Lisa

She has built a fabulous social circle

“I’m somewhat surprised how easy it was to fit in and to make friends. People here [at Peconic Landing] are really, really, interesting and bright and funny. I have a whole new group of friends now.”

Meet Nora & Jane

They wanted to stay by the water

“When we told our families that we were going to make the decision to leave Orient [and move to Peconic Landing], my niece called me and said, ‘why are you moving to an old folks’ home?’ We said, ‘it’s not like that. You just have to see it.’ After they visited, my niece called back and said, ‘you’re not in an old folks’ home. You are in a grand hotel.'”

nora and jan sitting together
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marie sitting
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Meet Marie

She enjoys exploring new opportunities

“I don’t need to worry about the care and maintenance of a home, I can simply pick up the phone, and it is done. One of my goals when making a move was having opportunities to do the things I hadn’t had time to do previously, like take courses, enjoy the opera, learn something new; and this is all available. It’s right here for you. My advice: Join a community that welcomes you and is receptive and fun. It’s time for fun in our lives.”

Meet Joe

He’s created a whole new passion here

“When my partner John and I decided to take a look at Peconic Landing, we just fell in love with the whole place, the whole idea. I’ve been here 15 years, and it is really has become a family, in every sense of the word. We’ve created the types of relationships that just couldn’t have happened anyplace else. I can honestly say, in many respects, I really feel that so many things, for me, began at Peconic Landing.”

joe sitting
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jan sitting at chair
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Meet Jan

She knows how to achieve work-life balance

“There’s so much going on here at Peconic Landing. We’re a destination sort of community, and I am very happy with this destination. It was important to us that we could move into a cottage because we still wanted as much of a remarkably independent life as possible, and certainly, our cottage has provided that.”

Meet Charles & Barbara

They love their waterfront view

“The living is easy and the time is now! We found the perfect cottage for us, and there’s so much to do on the campus. The Community Center is jaw-dropping, it’s like a small city. And no matter what happens, we know we will be taken care of. That gives us great peace of mind. Our children are happy that we’re happy, and they know we’ll be okay.”

charlie and barbar sitting together
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louisa gardening
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Meet Louisa

She loves life on the East End
“This is a place to come and enjoy life. It is so much better than I had anticipated. It reminds me of my days in college. I love having waterfront property and swimming in the Sound.  I love the light and the smell of the sea breeze. I’m a really independent person and I want to be prepared and not become a burden to my kids. We fell in love with the apartment and decided we were going to do this now.”

Meet Ted & Phyllis

They love their new lifestyle

“We’ve become experts in caring for family, and we wanted to spare our children of that burden. There simply is no comparison to Peconic Landing. The team is constantly going the extra yard. You feel safe and secure always. It really has become a home. There are opportunities to grow and get better as a person.”

ted and phyllis on couch
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bob and teresa sitting
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Meet Bob & Teresa

They’re making the most of retirement

“Peconic Landing has allowed us to simplify our lives. It gave us everything we wanted in a cottage. We loved the location. The sunsets are spectacular, and we were impressed with the beauty of the place. The walking trails are great. I can get on my bicycle, and I can turn Peconic Landing into a three-and-half mile ride without any effort whatsoever.”

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