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20 Reasons Why Our Members Love Life at Peconic Landing (Reasons 14-17)

Living at Peconic Landing allows members to leave a legacy.

In honor of Peconic Landing’s 20th anniversary, let’s look at 20 of the things Peconic Landing members like best about this Long Island community.

The fourth area highlighted by members was legacy. From the equity ownership model to member input to financial soundness, Peconic Landing members feel they made the right choice for their future!

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14. A cooperative model means every member is heard

Peconic Landing Top 20 Classroom With Instructor.Members of Peconic Landing are granted membership in the Cooperative, a corporation, through the community’s distinctive equity program. Committees at Peconic Landing work side by side with leadership to help guide lifestyle options. Committees for Culinary, Lifetime Learning, Finance and more are made up of members holding knowledge and experience in these areas. They lend their expertise to the ever-changing campus environment. “As a Peconic Landing Cooperative Board member, I appreciate that everyone can go to Town Hall and chats three times a month for an open Q&A with the CEO,” said Jerry K.

15. Purchasing a home means asset protection                                     

The first and only equity-based CCRC model in New York State, Peconic Landing offers a cooperative agreement giving members the advantages of home ownership in an exclusive, high-value community without the financial burden of upkeep and home maintenance. The option of a lifecare contract with home ownership provides a safety net protecting members from the rising cost of long-term care as well as providing asset protection. Peconic Landing’s equity component enables members to retain the tax benefits of homeownership as well as potential appreciation.

16. Lifecare model offers peace of mind

Peconic Landing People Toasting.A lifecare agreement also provides members and their loved ones with the peace of mind that comes from lifetime access to award-winning long-term care at no additional cost. A lifecare contract, similar to a long-term-care insurance policy, allows members to move from one level of living to another, as needed, without an increase in fees.

As a lifecare member at Peconic Landing’s Long Island retirement community, members can access award-winning assisted living, memory support, short-term rehabilitation and skilled nursing care at no additional cost. “As someone who worked in finance for 45 years, I truly feel like I’m getting the most bang for my buck,” explained – Mike D. “When I became a member of Peconic Landing, I bought peace of mind which is priceless, knowing all our needs are taken care of.” With their long-term care accounted for, members are able to enjoy their time with family and friends even more.

17. Owning a home means members retain control

Peconic Landing Couple on Porch.Members at Peconic Landing can stay in their homes and relax or go outside and engage with their neighbors. Shared educational experiences, social gatherings, artistic pursuits, and fitness activities are just the start of the opportunities available to members. Peconic Landing continues to evolve as members’ passions and interests take expand and change, bringing exciting and innovative offerings to the community, but members are free to pick and choose their favorite activities. “I’m learning to play the ukulele, taking Spanish classes taught by a fellow member, and volunteering at the Market,” said member Norah B. when asked how she was spending her free time.

To learn more about the legacy and opportunity provided to members at Peconic Landing, please connect with the team of Retirement Counselors at 631-613-8680.

20 Reasons Why Our Members Love Life at Peconic Landing (Reasons 18-20)

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